Navratri Recipes

As important the rituals are in an Indian festival, so are the delicious food and sumptuous recipes prepared specially for the day. Navratri is no exception to this, and a variety of tasty snacks and dishes are made and served to the guests. As most of the devotees observe a whole day fast and break their Vrat after the evening Puja, these dishes satisfy their tummy and taste buds, still following the ‘Saatvik’ or vegetarian rules. Onion and garlic are also avoided in making these food items.

Navratri cuisine varies from state to state in India, thus offering a wide array of dishes to choose from. Only specific ingredients, spices and vegetables are used for cooking, and rock salt takes the place of common salt in preparing the dishes. Usage of spices is restricted to cumin, red chilies, and turmeric. However, one can consume milk and milk products. Great care is taken while preparation to limit the use of common ingredients.

A few of the mouth-watering and famous Navratri recipes are listed below:

Sabudana Kichdi

Navratri Recipes

Sabudana khichdi is a light, delicious dish made from tapioca pearls, peanuts, and mild spices. The dish is rich in carbohydrates and gives the much-needed energy during fasting.

Kuttu Ki Puri

A crispy and yummy fried dish made with buckwheat flour, often accompanied by curd or Bhoondi Raita.

Bhoondi Raita

The curd is one of the best milk products to consume during fasting. Bhoondi Raita is a cold dish made with tiny fried balls of besan or chickpea flour immersed in thick, creamy curd.

Dal stuffed Puri

Puri is a deep fried dish made out of wheat flour. Stuffing of cooked Dal inside the Puri fills your stomach and gives enough energy to trigger your fasting the next

Kele Ki Sabzi

A tangy preparation of raw banana seasoned with lemon and green chilies.

Vrat Ke Chawal

Nothing fills your stomach as rice does. A particular kind of rice called Samvat is fried in ghee for preparing the dish, and it gives you a great energy boost.

Singhare Ke Halwa

This is an extremely popular Navratri sweet dish made out of Singhare Atta (water chestnut flour) and ghee, garnished with nuts.